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Greenhouse Removal in Belfast, Co Antrim

In a previous job inquiry from a customer regarding a greenhouse removal in Belfast, we where asked to dismantle and dispose of an old greenhouse that was no longer in use.

If you require the removal and disposal of a greenhouse regardless of size, please contact Andrew at 07434 691 809 or email

How to Dismantle a Greenhouse

1) Begin by starting at the top of the greenhouse and gradually work your way down. The greenhouse glass is held in place by spring clips within the aluminum frame. These clips can be easily removed using either a pair of pliers or water pump pliers. Simply twist and pull the clips away from the frame to detach them.

Once all the clips have been removed, carefully slide the pane of glass out of the frame. Take caution as the glass is extremely fragile, measuring only 3mm thick.

After removing each pane of glass, stack them safely against a wall. It is recommended to stack them in piles of ten panes to prevent accidents or breakage.

Exercise caution when handling greenhouse glass, as it does not have the same safety features as glass typically found in household windows. Unlike safety glass, greenhouse glass can break into large, sharp shards, which may pose a risk of injury.

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Glass taped for transport

2) Once all the glass has been safely removed, you can begin dismantling the aluminum frame. There are two methods for disassembling the frame: either by loosening the nuts and bolts that hold it together or by cutting the frame into manageable sections using a reciprocating saw with a metal blade. Using a reciprocating saw is a faster option as it effortlessly cuts through the frame.

3) The final section to be removed is the foundation, which can vary depending on the installation of the greenhouse. In certain installations, the bottom L section of the frame is partially sunk into the ground and filled with concrete, serving as a foundation and anchoring the greenhouse. In other installations, the greenhouse may be placed on a small retaining wall, to which it is securely fastened. In both cases, the most efficient method for removing the concrete or foundation wall is to use a demolition hammer.

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Greenhouse removal & disposal

Greenhouse Removal and Disposal

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