Shed removal Carrickfergus

Shed Removal Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

In a previous job inquiry from a customer regarding a shed removal in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. We where asked to dismantle and dispose of a 18ft x 12ft garden shed that was no longer in use.

If you require the removal and disposal of a wooden or metal shed regardless of size, please contact Andrew at 07434 691 809 or email

Shed Dismantle and Removal Near Me

Prior to the removal a shed, the following should be considered.

Electric: Before demolition day, if the shed has an electric supply, it will need to be isolated. The electric supply may be wired in two ways: the shed may have its own independent consumer unit for the lights and sockets within the shed, or the electric supply may be directly wired into the property’s consumer unit, which may have its own isolating fuse. It is recommended to have a qualified electrician isolate the power first.

Contents: It is recommended that all items that are being kept are removed from the shed. We also advise removing any contents that need to be disposed of. Please notify us in advance if there are additional items that require disposal when inquiring about our services. There may be an additional charge for the disposal of extra items.

The Base: Typically, a shed sits on a series of breeze blocks and packers that provide support, improve airflow, and help level the shed. When dismantling the shed, the breeze blocks can be reused for a new shed or repurposed for other projects. Alternatively, the blocks can be removed altogether.

Shed demolition Carrickfergus

18ft x 12ft large wooden shed

Shed Removal & Demolition FAQ’s

Q: Access is limited at my property, will this affect the removal?

A: No, when there is issue with access, we simply cut the shed into smaller manageable sections for removal.

Q: How long does it take to remove a shed?

A: Depending on the size of the shed, it can take from 1 hour to 2 days to dismantle large wooden workshops.

Q: Can you remove the base, (breeze blocks) that the shed sits on?

A: Yes, please let us know in advance if you require the base to be removed as in some cases the base is reused for a new shed.

Q: Can you relocate my shed?

A: Unfortunately we only offer a shed dismantling and removal service, we don’t relocate sheds from one location to another.

Shed removal near me

Shed demolition (1 day)

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