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Recycling centre near me

Household Waste Recycling Centre 

Below is a list of all nine household waste recycling centres available to the public in the North Down and Ards Borough. As of 4th September 2023, all recycling centres

Disposing of waste heating oil NI

How to Dispose of Waste Heating Oil

If you have recently made the transition from oil to gas heating or have discovered an old, abandoned oil tank on your property, it’s important to properly dispose of

Home heating oil spill insurance

Does Home Insurance Cover Oil Tank Leaks?

Does home insurance cover oil tank leaks? In most cases Yes. However, there are circumstances where an insurance claim for an oil spill may be invalid

Selling a house with asbestos in Northern Ireland

Selling a House with Asbestos

Vendors selling a house with asbestos may often have concerns about the implications and whether they are obliged to disclose the presence of asbestos to potential buyers

Can you see asbestos fibres with your eyes

Are Asbestos Fibres Visible to the Human Eye?

Are asbestos fibres visible to the human eye? The simple answer is NO. Asbestos fibres cannot be seen by the human eye; they are microscopic in size, with diameters

Testing for water in an oil tank

How to Test for Water in Your Oil Tank

Water in an oil tank may occur due to condensed moisture or a leak from a crack or an ill-fitted filler cap. When a sufficient amount of water enters the tank and spills into the

Asbestos guttering soil pipe removal Northern Ireland

Asbestos Guttering and Soil Pipe Removal

If your property was constructed prior to the 1980s, there is a high likelihood that the guttering and soil pipe may contain asbestos. Asbestos was officially prohibited for use

Do I need a bunded oil tank in Northern Ireland

Do I Need a Bunded Heating Oil Tank?

If you are a resident of Northern Ireland and thinking about replacing your old oil tank, it is important to consider whether a bunded heating oil tank may be necessary instead

Should I buy a used oil tank Northern Ireland

Should I Buy a Second Hand Oil Tank?

If you are on a budget and need to replace your old oil tank due to damage or an oil leak, you might be considering purchasing a second-hand tank from platforms like Gumtree or

Removing an asbestos flue pipe

Asbestos Boiler Flue Pipe Removal

In Northern Ireland, it was a common practice to install asbestos flues in older heating systems, particularly for oil boilers. This was because asbestos has excellent heat-resistant properties

How to replace a heating oil tank Northern Ireland

How to Replace an Oil Tank

If your oil tank is over 10 years old or has developed a leak, it is recommended to replace it. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to replace an oil tank,

Oil tank base installation in Northern Ireland

What are the Regulations for Oil Tank Bases?

If you are planning to install an oil tank on your property in Northern Ireland, it is important to familiarise yourself with the regulations set out by OFTEC. These regulations cover the

Domestic oil spill response Northern Ireland

Domestic Oil Spills in Northern Ireland

Accidents happen, and domestic oil spills can occur unexpectedly, causing stress and potential environmental damage. Whether it’s a small leak or a large oil spill, knowing how to handle

what is a waste transfer note in Northern Ireland

What is a Waste Transfer Note?

Waste transfer notes are an important aspect of legally compliant rubbish removal, yet customers and businesses often have inquiries regarding their purpose, required information

What is The Best Oil Tank Location

Best Oil Tank Location

What is the best oil tank location for oil storage tanks? Maybe your replacing an old, damaged tank or installing a new one. I think we can all agree that domestic oil tanks that are used to

How Do I Report an Oil Spill in Northern Ireland

Do I Need To Report An Oil Leak?

Oil leaks can cause significant environmental damage and should never be ignored “Do I need to report an oil leak?” Yes, you have a legal responsibility to report an oil leak. Take action immediately

Oil Tank Regulations Northern Ireland

When Did Oil Tank Regulations Change

When did oil tank regulations change? On the 1st January 2020 the NIEA classified all domestic oil tanks as a hazardous waste. Over 60% of homes across Northern Ireland use heating oil

House Clearance Guide Belfast

How Do House Clearance Services Work?

Looking for information on House Clearance Services? Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions in our comprehensive house clearance guide.

Office Clearance Guide Belfast

Office Clearance Guide Northern Ireland

Office clearances vary depending on the requirements of each business. In this article I have included an office clearance guide based on our experience clearing commercial property’s

Dangers of a Leaking Oil Tank

Is a Leaking Oil Tank Dangerous

Is a leaking oil tank dangerous? Yes, the odour of fuel and the appearance of discolouration on the surface of the oil tank can be the first indication of a leak. You may also notice drips around

Asbestos Shed Roof Removal Northern Ireland

Removing an Asbestos Garage Roof

Removing an asbestos garage roof in Northern Ireland. If you suspect your garage or shed has an asbestos roof, but are unsure? First check the construction of the roof, in most cases garages

Class H Vacuum Cleaner For Asbestos

H Class Vacuum Cleaner For Asbestos Disposal

H Class Vacuum cleaners, (dust extractors) are specifically designed to remove very fine dust particles. Type h vacuums are essential when removing asbestos materials. Fibres from

Small Business Waste Collection, Belfast, NI

Disposing of Business Waste NI

Businesses regardless of size in Northern Ireland have rules and responsibilities in relation to disposing of business waste. All businesses produce waste in some form and it is

Oil Spill Cleanup Northern Ireland

Leaking Oil Tank Remediation

What should you do if you discover a leaking oil tank on your property? Don’t panic, even the worst oil spills can be rectified. Unfortunately single skin oil tanks that are over 10

Asbestos Skip Hire Northern Ireland

Skips For Asbestos Northern Ireland

If you’re searching for skips for asbestos disposal, you’re in the right place. Asbestos has plagued homeowners for decades, a silent killer. Here at Removerr we have partnered

Steel Oil Tank Removal Northern Ireland

Disposing Of A Metal Oil Tank

Our company Removerr dismantle and remove garden sheds on a weekly basis. If your considering demolishing your shed yourself and would like to know the best way to dismantle

Drain Heating Oil From A Tank

How Do You Remove Heating Oil From A Tank

Are you changing from oil to gas or replacing your old oil tank with a new one? If the answer is Yes, you may need to either remove or transfer your existing heating oil, (kerosene).

Cost To Remove An Oil Tank

How Much Does Oil Tank Removal Cost

Removing a domestic oil tank is no longer a simple process due to new legislation. All oil tanks and their contents, (kerosene oil) are now deemed as hazardous waste. This has

Preparing For A House Clearance Northern Ireland

How To Prepare For A House Clearance

Are you considering hiring the services of a house clearance company? Before you do, consider these important points. Removerr is a private waste management company based in

How To Remove Your Own Oil Tank

Can You Remove Your Own Oil Tank

Homeowners all over the UK are switching to renewable heating sources to heat their homes. More homes are making the change from heating oil to gas in an effort to reduce carbon

Dismantling An Old Garden Shed

Best Way To Dismantle An Old Shed

Our company Removerr dismantle and remove garden sheds on a weekly basis. If your considering demolishing your shed yourself and would like to know the best way to dismantle