Local Asbestos Removal Northern Ireland

How To Dispose of Asbestos

How to dispose of asbestos? a common questions asked by many homeowners. Asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999 and is classed as a hazardous waste. If you find asbestos

Drain Heating Oil From A Tank

How Do You Remove Heating Oil From A Tank

Are you changing from oil to gas or replacing your old oil tank with a new one? If the answer is Yes, you may need to either remove or transfer your existing heating oil, (kerosene).

Cost To Remove An Oil Tank

How Much Does Oil Tank Removal Cost

Removing a domestic oil tank is no longer a simple process due to new legislation. All oil tanks and their contents, (kerosene oil) are now deemed as hazardous waste. This has

Preparing For A House Clearance Northern Ireland

How To Prepare For A House Clearance

Are you considering hiring the services of a house clearance company? Before you do, consider these important points. Removerr is a private waste management company based in

How To Remove Your Own Oil Tank

Can You Remove Your Own Oil Tank

Homeowners all over the UK are switching to renewable heating sources to heat their homes. More homes are making the change from heating oil to gas in an effort to reduce carbon

Dismantling An Old Garden Shed

Best Way To Dismantle An Old Shed

Our company Removerr dismantle and remove garden sheds on a weekly basis. If your considering demolishing your shed yourself and would like to know the best way to dismantle