Disposing of Business Waste Northern Ireland

Disposing of Business Waste

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  1. What is Classed as Business Waste?
  2. Disposing of Business Waste
  3. Business Waste Management

Businesses regardless of size in Northern Ireland have rules and responsibilities in relation to disposing of business waste. All businesses produce waste in some form and it is essential that your business stays compliant and follows the guidelines set out by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency.

Unsure of your legal obligations, or whether you need a specialist waste contractor to manage your business waste. Contact Removerr on 07434 691 809 for professional advice.

What is Classed as Business Waste?

Waste that has been produced at your business, not your home is classed as business/commercial waste. Every business owner is responsible for organising regular business waste collections. Unfortunately commercial rates in Northern Ireland do not cover disposing of business waste.

Types of waste generated by business’s across Northern Ireland

  • Computers, electrical equipment, printers, monitors and small appliances
  • Used oils, kerosene, motor, cooking oil used in hospitality
  • Discarded unused paint, paint tins, paint thinners, masking products
  • Recyclable materials, such as paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminium tins
  • Office furniture, filing cabinets, desks, chairs, billboards, signs
  • All types of expired, damaged or discarded food waste and packaging
Business Waste Collection Belfast

Mixture of IT equipment, furniture and general waste

Disposing of Business Waste

All businesses in Northern Ireland are legally obligated to keep records of all waste transfers. This should include details of the company you are currently using for waste management. Any company who transports waste should be registered as a waste carrier with the NIEA.
Check if a company is licensed using the public register for waste carriers. Our details include, Company: Removerr, Registration no ROC UT 9390, Expiry date: 09/07/2025 Owner: Andrew Firth.

All waste that is being transported from your business should be accompanied with a WTN (waste transfer note). This is a record of the waste transfer, a WTN includes the waste companies details, date, time and type of waste. The document should include two signatures, one signature from your company and the other from the company handling your waste.

Businesses are prohibited from using recycling centres. Contracted waste management companies will transport your business waste to dedicated waste transfer stations across Northern Ireland. The waste is weighed and categorised (mixed waste, recyclable, landfill) then off loaded, and charged accordingly.

Prosecution penalties for illegally dumping waste in Northern Ireland include, fixed penalties, confiscations orders, or up to six months in prison.

Business Waste Management

Do you need to hire a waste management company? In theory NO, you could handle all of your business waste yourself, if. 1) You have a valid waste carrier license, 2) Public liability insurance 3) Waste transfer stations are not intended for the general public, to enter the facility you must first pass an online safety assessment. 4) You will need a suitable vehicle, cars are not permitted 5) PPE, steel toe capped boots, reflective jacket and a hard hat are required at all times.

Never been to a waste transfer station? they are intimidating places to visit. You can either appoint a waste contractor to dispose of your business waste, or handle the waste yourself.

It is vital that you keep records of your business waste disposal.

Waste Collection Locations

Do you require small business waste collection? Contact Andrew on 07434 691 809 or email andrew@removerr.co.uk. Popular locations include: Bangor, Newtownards, Dundonald, Holywood, Belfast, Hillsborough, Lisburn, Newtownabbey.

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