Do I Need to Report an Oil Leak, Northern Ireland

Do I Need To Report An Oil Leak?

Oil leaks can cause significant environmental damage and should never be ignored “Do I need to report an oil leak?” Yes, you have a legal responsibility to report an oil leak. Take action immediately if you suspect an oil spill at your home or business.

How Do I Report an Oil Spill?

If you suspect that the oil spill has entered into a surrounding, river, pond, lough or any type of waterway. You must contact the NIEA water pollution hotline on 0800 80 70 60 immediately.

For all other oil leaks that have occurred on your property, you should contact your insurance provider. Your home or business insurance provider may appoint a specialist contractor in your area to asses the extent of the damage. Alternately if they do not have a specialist in your area they may ask you to contact an Oil Remediation Company, and request that an independent survey be carried out.

It is advisable that you keep a record which can serve as evidence of your compliance in reporting the oil spill, include the following details.

  • Date and time of when you noticed the oil leak
  • Photographic evidence of any damage to fuel lines, oil tank and the extent of the oil spill, if visible
  • Who you reported the oil leak to with the date and time
  • Preventative measures that where taken to stop or slow the spread of oil

By following the steps above and reporting an oil leak promptly protects the environment and fulfils your legal obligations.

Oil Tank Removal Northern Ireland

What Happens When Oil Leaks Into The Ground?

Heating oil, (kerosene) is toxic chemical that will kill all plant life it comes into contact with. Kerosene once absorbed into the ground can travel through soil and water contaminating not only your property, but the surrounding properties as well. Kerosene can seep into the foundations of surrounding buildings where it will remain, until removed.

Heating oil does not evaporate or decompose, instead it remains in the soil or foundations for several decades, unless removed. If your property has been affected by an oil spill, you will likely have to move out, due to the smell of oil.

What Causes an Accidental Oil Leak?

In the majority of cases, an accidental oil leak is caused by faulty pipework. Other causes of oil spills include:

  • Damage to oil lines during, (building, gardening)
  • Cracks in old single skin tanks
  • Oil spillages during deliveries
  • Lightning strikes (rare)
  • Subsidence caused by flash flooding
  • Incorrect installation
  • Deliberate vandalism

Oil Spill Remediation

If you smell oil or suspect that you have an oil leak. Contact Removerr on 07434 691 809 or email Our team are experienced to handle any size of oil spill and work alongside many of the leading insurance companies in Northern Ireland.

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