How Much Does Oil Tank Removal Cost

How Much Does Oil Tank Removal Cost

Removing a domestic oil tank is no longer a simple process due to new legislation. All oil tanks and their contents, (kerosene oil) are now deemed as hazardous waste. This has increased the price of removing an oil tank. So, how much does oil tank removal cost in Northern Ireland?

Oil Tank Removal

For the purposes of this article I am going to relate to domestic plastic oil tanks, above ground. The cost of removing oil tanks that are buried or constructed of steel dramatically increases. In most cases from my experience most households in Northern Ireland have plastic oil tanks 1000 – 2500 litres in capacity.

Based on my own research, the cost of removing an oil tank varies from £250 – £500. The cost to remove an oil tank increases substantially if there is heating oil present. Most large companies who offer the service, oil tank removal do not want to remove small amounts of heating oil. Anything less than 500 litres is not cost effective, some companies will, but they charge a premium rate for the service.

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Environmental Health Agency Northern Ireland

Did you know that all companies / individuals who remove oil tanks must be registered waste carriers with the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency. You can check any companies waste license here registered waste carriers transporters.

Prior to the removal of an oil tank a pre-notification must be submitted to the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency. A pre-notification states that on a certain date an oil tank will be lifted from (your address) and transferred to a licensed waste management facility for disposal.

The operator has 24 hours before the pre-notification expires, failing to apply for a pre-notification is breaking the law and subject to a fine and criminal proceedings. For more information on pre-notifications and related fees contact

How Much Does Oil Tank Removal Cost

There is good news if your looking for a trusted company to remove your old tank without costing the earth. We charge £250 for the removal of domestic oil tanks across Northern Ireland. Before contacting us, please read the guidelines below.

1) Oil tanks must be disconnected from boiler and empty of heating oil. Please note that when the boiler stops working does not mean the oil tank is empty. There will be 20 – 100 litres of heating oil left in the bottom depending on the size and shape of the oil tank.

2) Please inform us when placing an order if there are any obstructions that may hinder our efforts to remove your oil tank.

3) Prior to collection invoices must be paid before a collection order is raised.

4) We require the following information to book an oil tank removal, the address of the tank is to be collected from. Contact name and number and an email to send the invoice to.

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Where Can I Dispose Of An Oil Tank?

Up until new legislation was passed deeming oil tanks and their contents as hazardous waste. Some local council recycling centres used to take old oil tanks as long as they were empty of heating oil and cut in half. This unfortunately is not the case anymore for most recycling centres within Northern Ireland.

The new legislation implemented by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency, has in my opinion caused more of a problem, in relation to the disposal of domestic oil tanks.

To recap, all oil tanks have to be disposed of at a licensed waste management facility. A consignment note with a pre-notification must be submitted to the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency. Any company or individual removing oil tanks must hold a valid waste carriers license.

What If My Oil Tank Still Contains Oil?

As I mentioned earlier all tanks must empty of heating oil before removal. Our team will refuse to remove any oil tanks that have heating oil left in the bottom of the tank. There is also an additional call back charge to revisit your property to remove the tank once it has been emptied.

Small amounts of heating oil 20 – 100 litres are difficult to dispose off. Large companies do not want to handle such small amounts of oil and will decline any inquiries to do so.

Disposing of Heating Oil

How then do you remove the small amount of oil left in the bottom of my tank before removal. There are several options available for domestic householders.

1) If your converting from oil to gas ensure that your plumber drains your tank fully before you sign off on the job. They are obligated to do so according to the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency.

2) Elevate the tank at one end and drain the remaining oil into 20 litre drums using the outlet valve tap located at the bottom of the tank.

3) Cut the tank in half using a reciprocating saw, then pale the remaining oil out of the tank and pour into 20 litre drums through a fuel funnel.

Heating Oil Removal Service Northern Ireland

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable removing heating oil using any of the options above. We do offer a service where we can remove the heating from the tank prior to removal.

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Heating oil once in drums could be donated to neighbors, friends or family members. I’m not recommending you do this, but I have heard of people advertising heating oil on facebook for free. I’m not sure of the legal implications on doing so, but a domestic customer is far less likely to be fined than a company.

I hope this article shed some light on how much does oil tank removal cost in Northern Ireland. If you have any questions or would like to book our oil tank removal service call Removerr on 0743 469 1809 or email