Disposing of waste heating oil

How to Dispose of Waste Heating Oil

If you have recently made the transition from oil to gas heating or have discovered an old, abandoned oil tank on your property, it’s important to properly dispose of both the tank and any remaining heating oil. In today’s article I discuss how to dispose of waste heating oil.

Don’t wait to dispose of your waste heating oil and old tank. The average cost of oil spill cleanup caused by a leaking oil tank is around 20,000 pounds.

If you require the removal of an old decommissioned oil tank and waste oil, please call Andrew on 07434 691 809 or andrew@removerr.co.uk.

Do Recycling Centres Accept Heating Oil?

NO, recycling centres across Northern Ireland only accept small amounts of waste motor oil (up to 10 litres) and cooking oil (up to 10 litres) specifically the type used in deep fat fryers. The Northern Ireland Environment Agency does not want the general public transporting heating oil due to the environmental risks associated with kerosene, in case of a spill.

During the process of removing an oil tank, it is common to find between 20 to 80 litres of waste oil at the bottom, depending on the tank’s size and shape.

Disposing of waste heating oil

Waste heating oil

How to Dispose of Waste Heating Oil

In Northern Ireland, the movement of hazardous waste is closely monitored and controlled, including waste heating oil. To dispose of contaminated heating oil, you must contact a licensed company that can transport the waste to a licensed waste facility capable of handling hazardous materials. Most waste heating oil is typically removed during the process of oil tank removal.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) requires that the waste be properly consigned with a consignment number. This consignment number must be included on a pre-notification form that includes details such as the type of waste, your address, the company’s information, the waste facility details, and the collection date.

Waste Heating Oil Collection NI

If you require the removal and disposal of an oil tank, whether it’s plastic or metal, including the disposal of waste heating oil, please contact Andrew on 07434 691 809 or email: andrew@removerr.co.uk. Our waste license number is ROC UT 9390 (upper tier). You can verify our company’s license by checking the public register database with the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

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