How To Prepare For A House Clearance

How To Prepare For A House Clearance

Are you considering hiring the services of a house clearance company? Before you do, consider these important points. Removerr is a private waste management company based in Northern Ireland. We perform house clearances daily, below are our tips on how to prepare for a house clearance.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is A House Clearance Service?
  2. Why You Need a House Clearance
  3. How To Prepare For A House Clearance
  4. Do House Clearance Companies Clear Everything?

What Is A House Clearance Service?

A house clearance involves the removal and disposal off unwanted items from a property, (house, apartment, flat, studio). A house clearance service is often required after a bereavement or when a family member is taken into care. If the house is part of probate, an executor normally a family member is appointed to oversee the clearing off the property.

Why You Need a House Clearance

  • Your tenants have vacated leaving a collection of furniture, clothing and general rubbish.
  • There has been a tragic death in your family and you are the legal executor tasked with preparing the house for sale.
  • A family member has fallen ill and has permanently moved into a care facility.
  • You are moving abroad and it’s unrealistic to ship all of your furniture and belongings to your new destination.
  • Downsizing to a smaller property

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How To Prepare For A House Clearance

Below is our step by step guide on preparing a for a house clearance. Full house clearances can be stressful, emotional and exhausting depending on the circumstances. It’s a good idea to prioritise and focus on what’s important first.

If you are unable to remove furniture, personal belongings, sentimental items prior to the date of the house clearance. We recommend allocating a room where all of the items you wish to keep are placed. Alternatively place the smaller items into a box and use Post-it notes for any larger items you wish to keep.

How Do I Prepare For A House Clearance

Confidential documents organised into one area

Moving heavy items from one room into another may be unrealistic. We ask our customers to place Post-it notes on everything they wish keep. This simple tip helps us identify wanted items from unwanted items on the day of the house clearance.

Another helpful tip on how to prepare for a house clearance is to take a picture of any item you wish to keep. Forward the images (items to keep) to the house clearance company ahead of time.

For a successful, stress free house clearance, follow our Step by Step Guide below.

Step 1: Collect all Sentimental Items

Remove any sentimental items, anything with an emotion or memory attached, (photos, jewelry, gifts, furniture, clothing). Sentimental items can be small and overlooked during a house clearance. It’s best to remove these items or label them (keep).

We always endeavor to place any personal, sentimental or confidential documentation aside for family members.

Step 2: Donate to Local Charities

You many be able to donate certain items of furniture to your local charity. Always check ahead of time as most charitable organizations are very busy due to COVID and it may be several weeks before they can collect your items.

Step 3: Distributing Items Among Family Members

Before contacting a house clearance company to arrange your clearance, it’s generally a good idea to check with family first. Ensure that the only items left are unwanted items that require removal and disposal. House clearance prices are based on volume and weight, by donating and distributing you lower the volume, weight and cost.

Step 4: Sell or Auction Your Items

You may be able to sell or auction certain items prior to the house clearance, if you have the available time.

Removerr works closely with Laganside Auctions in Belfast and can move items to auction on your behalf if required. This may be useful if you live in another country and need to arrange a house clearance remotely.

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Step 5: Secure Storage

You may require the removal of unwanted items, but also require that other items be temporarily stored. Check with the house clearance company to ensure they offer this service and where the storage facility is located.

Preparing For A House Clearance

Self storage crates

Step 6: Research Your Clearance Company

Before booking a house clearance company, do your research. If your waste is illegally tipped by an unlicensed company, you may receive a fine. Always check that the house clearance company has 1) Valid waste carriers license, 2) Public liability insurance, 3) Up to date website 4) Positive reviews.

Ask where the waste is going? commercial waste is prohibited from local recycling centres across Northern Ireland without a pass. Hire the services of a trusted house clearance company, we pay to dispose of waste and recycle up to 80% all of waste collected.

Do House Clearance Companies Clear Everything

This is a common question we get asked often, do you remove, (fridges, beds, wardrobes) etc. Below is a comprehensive list of the items we remove as part of our house clearance service.

Beds, Frames, Mattresses, Bedding, Wardrobes, Clothing, Chest of Drawers, Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Cupboard Contents, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cookers, Small Electrical Appliances, Computers, Printers, TV’s, Books, CD’s, Records, Carpets, Display Cabinets, Garden Furniture, Tools, Paint, Sheds, Bicycles, Oil Tanks, Asbestos.

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