Metal oil tank removal in Bangor, Co Down

Metal Oil Tank Removal in Bangor, Co Down

We recently received a job inquiry from a customer for a metal oil tank removal in Bangor, Co Down. The property was recently purchased, and the previous owners neglected to remove the oil tank following a gas conversion.

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Oil Tank Removal and Disposal

Removing metal oil tanks is a bit more complicated than removing plastic ones, as demonstrated in this example. The specific oil tank in question held approximately 150 litres of oil and was raised on concrete blocks, with a wooden timber framed garage surrounding it.

When dealing with metal oil tanks, it is important to remember that although kerosene and diesel have a lower flash point compared to petrol, precautions must still be taken to prevent generating heat or creating an ignition source. To safely cut a metal tank, a technique called cold cutting is employed, which eliminates both sparks and heat.

How to Remove a Steel Oil Tank

1) Turn off the bottom outlet valve to stop the flow of oil into the fuel line
2) Cut a medium sized hole, usually at one end or the side of the tank using a cold cutting tool
3) Drain any remaining oil out of the tank using a fuel transfer pump
4) Disconnect any remaining pipes or connections attached to the tank, such as fuel lines
5) If the tank cannot be lifted out, carefully cut it into smaller pieces using a cold cutting tool designed for cutting metal.
6) Dispose of the tank and any remaining oil a licensed facility that can process hazardous waste

Metal oil tank disposal in North Down

Previously cut metal oil tank

Metal Oil Tank Regulations in Northern Ireland

To monitor and control the movement of hazardous waste, the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency classifies all oil tanks, whether made of metal or plastic, as hazardous waste. To move a metal oil tank a consignment number must be purchased and allocated to a prenotification form, which is then sent via email to the hazardous waste team. This form contains important information such as the customer’s address, collection date, type of waste, estimated weight, contractor details, and the address of the hazardous waste facility.

For domestic metal oil tanks, a minimum notice of 1 day is required prior to collection. On the other hand, commercial metal oil tanks require a minimum notice of 3 days before they can be collected.

Oil Tank Services Northern Ireland

Removerr offers a range of oil tank services in, Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn, Portadown, Armagh, Downpatrick, Newry and the surrounding areas. Our services include oil tank replacement, oil tank removal, water in oil tank, oil spill response. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Andrew at 07434 691 809.