Office Clearance Guide Northern Ireland

Office Clearance Guide

Office clearances vary depending on the requirements of each business. In this article I have included an office clearance guide based on our experience clearing commercial property’s across Northern Ireland.

Table of Contents

  1. Categorise Items to Keep and Dispose Off
  2. What Does an Office Clearance Service Include?
  3. Selling Second Hand Office Furniture
  4. How To Clear a Large Office Fast?
  5. Office Clearance Guide To Booking

Categorise Items to Keep and Dispose Off

Most businesses will undergo an office clearance at some point, whether due to a refurbishment, downgrading or moving premises, so it’s important to plan ahead. Prior to the date of the office move/clearance, it is a good idea to identify everything that is to be cleared.

If you plan to hire the services of a moving company or commercial clearance firm, you need to provide accurate information to obtain the best quotation. Large corporations generally require several quotations before selecting a company, so it is beneficial to plan ahead. By categorising what items are to be kept and what items are to be disposed off will help with planning dates and timelines.

Our client’s in the past either forward an itemised list, images or both, which provide us with the relevant information we require. Most offices in Northern Ireland are furnished with a mixture of filing cabinets, office chairs, desks, under desk drawers, cabinets and IT equipment. By creating a simple list, for example:

  • 6 Large office desks
  • 6 Under desk cabinets
  • 12 Office chairs
  • 4 Six foot white boards
  • 10 Display monitors w/keyboards
  • 3 Storage cabinets 7 ft tall

Is enough information to obtain a quotation, if there are any unusually large awkward bulky items, it helps to attach an image with your list.

Licensed Office Clearances Northern Ireland

What Does an Office Clearance Service Include?

Office clearance or commercial clearance are services offered by licensed clearance companies. This type of service is helpful in the distribution of old, broken or disused office furniture and IT equipment that is no longer required.

If you have never used an office clearance service, you may wonder if there are certain exclusions? What does a commercial clearance include? Most professional clearance companies can handle most types of waste that may be generated from a commercial premises. As I mentioned earlier Removerr works across Northern Ireland providing commercial clearances for small business and large corporations.

Typical items that are removed for recycling, repurpose or disposal include, but not limited to:

Desks, Office Chairs, Filing Cabinets, Under Desk Cabinets, White Boards, Projection Monitors, Partitions, Water Coolers, Cupboards, Fluorescent Tubes, Confidential Waste, Computer Monitors, Hard Drives, Carpet Tiles, Ceiling Tiles, General Rubbish, Cardboard Packaging, Safes, Hazardous Waste

Commercial Property Clearance Belfast

Warehouse clearance to include office furniture

Please be aware that hazardous waste, (asbestos, chemicals, lead batteries, paint thinners) require a pre-notification to be submitted to the NIEA 3 days prior to collection. If you are unsure on the type of waste, always get in touch before the date of collection to avoid any delays.

Commercial Office Clearance 07434 691 809

Selling Second Hand Office Furniture

Unfortunately due to Covid 19 many business owners have been forced to downsize, while others have closed their commercial offices completely. This has lead to a surplus in office furniture which has driven the price of second hand office furniture to an all time low.

Depending on your timeline and the amount of office furniture you need to re-home. There are a few options available, some charity’s will take the smaller items of office furniture. Online advertising platforms, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Preloved and eBay can prove useful. There are a few second hand office furniture suppliers based in Northern Ireland. Sadly most are inundated with office furniture and unable to accept more due to a lack of storage.

How To Clear a Large Office Fast?

Hire a licensed office clearance company in your area. Professional clearance companies are experienced and equipped to dismantle awkward bulky furniture. Below are just some of the benefits of hiring Removerr.

1) All waste can be tracked using a Waste Transfer Note, which helps with audits.

2) The cost of the office clearance can be claimed as an expense, we provide WTN and headed invoices with every commercial clearance.

3) Schedule your office clearance in advance to met deadlines or the delivery of new office furniture.

4) Our recycle rates are up to 90% for all office furniture, IT equipment, cardboard and paper. We also donate to Ecologi planting 100’s of trees to offset our carbon footprint.

5) We can clear a large office in the least amount of time with minimal disruption to your business and work force.

6) Removerr is licensed by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency, licence number ROC UT 9390. We can also process hazardous waste which requires a consignment note to track the movement of all hazardous materials.

7) We accept most forms of payment as well as “net 30” terms.

Mixture of office furniture from Halifax bank

Office Clearance Guide To Booking

Once you decided what items will need to be cleared and your timeline, you will need to choose a clearance company. I hope that after reading this office clearance guide you will choose Removerr, but if you wish to obtain more than one quotation, follow these simple guidelines.

Reviews: Professional, reliable companies will have reviews online, on at least one platform, Google, Yell, Facebook, Trustpilot, read their online reviews from previous customers. Check there overall review score and that their reviews are current.

Waste License: All waste contractors must have a waste license issued by their local authority to transport waste. In Northern Ireland you can check and validate a companies waste license by visiting the public waste carriers register. Search by license number, postcode or company name.

Quotations: Ask contractors to provide the total cost for the job. This will ensure that you gather comparable quotes. Most clearance companies will have in their terms and conditions, the following. Prices may be subject to change if at the time of collection the information you provided is inaccurate.

Recycling: Check how you’re discarded office furniture, IT equipment is handled. Most office furniture is made from materials that can be recycled, wood, metal, plastic. Professional, reviewed companies will have initiatives in place for recycling and an extensive network of charities. Businesses have a legal obligation to recycle, reuse and donate as much as possible diverting their waste away from landfill.

If you require a commercial office clearance please contact us by email or call 07434 691 809. Popular locations across Northern Ireland include Belfast, Coleraine, Craigavon, Derry, Dungannon, Lisburn, Newry and beyond.