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Oil Tank Decommissioning

Commercial and domestic oil tank decommissioning

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Fuel Tank Decommissioning

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Removerr specialises in commercial oil tank decommissioning in Northern Ireland. Whether your tank is leaking, old, or you’re upgrading to a new one, we ensure proper disposal in accordance with environmental regulations for the safe handling of hazardous waste.

Our services are not limited to NI, as we also cover popular areas such as Belfast, Ballymena, Coleraine, Craigavon, Derry, Dungannon, Lisburn, Newry, and Omagh, and more.

In addition to oil tank disposal, we also offer oil spill cleanup, oil tank replacement, boiler removal, and heating oil removal services. For more information on our oil tank services email: andrew@removerr.co.uk.

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Fuel tank decommissioning Northern Ireland

Removing a Commercial Oil Tank

  • To begin, we ensure that the fuel line connecting the oil tank to the boiler is isolated.
  • Any remaining heating oil is drained and fuel line disconnected
  • If there are accessibility issues, we may need to cut the oil tank into smaller sections using a cold cutting technique which causes no heat or sparks.
  • If the property has an alternative heat source, we also remove the old fuel line.
  • The oil tank and any waste heating oil is loaded into our van for transportation to a licensed hazardous waste facility.
  • Customer receives a copy of the paperwork submitted to the NIEA

Oil Tank Decommissioning

In the event that you notice that you oil tank is leaking, please contact Andrew at 07434691809 for assistance. Our team provides emergency oil response services across Northern Ireland and can quickly arrange for the transfer of your heating oil from the leaking tank to a secure holding tank. We will then assess the amount of oil that has escaped from the tank.

The process of decommissioning an oil tank takes approximately 2 – 6 hours.

oil tank decommissioning NI

Before removing the oil tank, all remaining heating oil must be carefully transferred into drums to prevent any oil spills. Once the tank has been completely drained and made safe, it can then be removed and transported.

No, commercial businesses and homeowners insurance may not cover the cost of an oil spill during the decommissioning of a commercial or domestic tank, unless a competent contractor is hired. Oil tanks are considered hazardous waste and must be transported to a specialised facility that is not accessible to the general public.

Although oil tanks are classified as hazardous waste, both plastic and metal oil tanks are recycled.

If your old oil boiler has been disconnected, we can remove it for you. Just inform us beforehand if you would like the boiler to be removed with the oil tank.

Above Ground Oil Tanks

To request further information use the contact form. Alternatively email us at: andrew@removerr.co.uk, or call: 07434 691 809

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