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Removerr can remove and dispose of most types of domestic and commercial heating oil tanks. We are experienced at removing difficult to access tanks and also offer a heating oil removal service.

Old oil tanks that are decommissioned after changing to gas still have oil left that needs to be removed before the tank can be removed. Whether you are looking to replace your oil tank or dispose of an old one, Removerr’s domestic fuel tank removal service is here to help.

Oil tank certification available for those individuals claiming grants.

Heating oil can cause serious environment damage, polluting rivers, harming wildlife and contaminating drinking water. Most plastic oil tanks have a lifespan of 10 years, old single skin oil tanks can split when old.

The cost of losing oil, plus clean up costs can be significant and aren’t always covered by household insurance policies.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our Heating Oil Tank Removal Service, do not hesitate to get in touch by either calling us on 0743 469 1809, or emailing us at

Oil Tank Services

Domestic fuel tank removal across Northern Ireland. Here are a few of our most popular tank services that we provide to households and businesses.

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Your Questions Answered

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Oil Tank Removal Service. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us here at or phone 0743 469 1809

A strong smell of heating oil can be a sign that there may be a leak. Check your tank for leaks and look at the surrounding ground for oil stains.

If you are using more oil than normal can also be a sign that you are losing oil. Call Removerr on 0743 469 1809 and have your tank checked.

Oil Tank Certification

We can supply the relevant documentation from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) for those individuals who are obtaining grants for gas installations. Please follow the guidelines below:

1) Oil tanks must stay at the your address and should be moved to an alternative location
2) Tanks must be empty of all heating oil prior to collection
3) Payment is required before oil tank can be lifted

Paperwork will follow several days after the tank has been collected, which includes a copy of the Prenotification, Waste Management Licence and Waste Carriers License.

If you have any questions please give us a call on 07434 691 809

Oil Tank Removal Cost

Tank removal costs vary depending on your location, size of tank and whether there is heating oil that needs to removed. The average cost of a domestic oil tank removal is £140 – £200.

You might be interested in an earlier article which covers the new the legislation, where to dispose of oil tanks and costs.

How much does it cost for oil tank removal

We remove kerosene heating oil using a fuel transfer pump. Oil tanks must be empty prior to being moved, this reduces the risk of environmental damage.

Most old oil tanks will contain a certain amount of oil left at the bottom, 50 – 100 litres depending on the shape of the tank. This oil will need to be disposed of responsibly as it likely be contaminated with water and fungi.

Do not attempt to remove kerosene oil without the correct equipment

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I Contacted Removerr about the disposal of an old oil tank after a gas conversion. Very professional, tank was lifted within a few days.


Contacted removerr about removing my old oil tank and remaining heating oil. Very helpful, tank and oil removed,no mess, good price.

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How to book a tank diposal

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To book our Oil Tank Removal service follow the 3 simple steps below

  • Select the tank service required

  • Obtain a free no obligation quotation

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Once we are finished we will ask you to review our work and then provide payment once your are satisfied. We accept, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Google Pay & Apple Pay.

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