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Oil Tank Replacement

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Oil Tank Replacement NI

Installers for domestic heating oil tanks, both single skin and bunded tanks

If you need an oil tank replacement in Northern Ireland, Removerr is here to help. We provide a comprehensive range of heating tanks, including both single skin and bunded oil tanks. Whether you need a like-for-like replacement or wish to relocate your new tank, we can accommodate your requirements. We are also experienced in handling oil spills, waste oil disposal, boiler removal.

In addition to replacing old, leaking, and cracked home heating oil tanks, our services also include the disposal of your old tank. If you are claiming a grant as part of the affordable warmth scheme and require the necessary certifications for the NI Housing Executive, we can provide them. For more information, please contact Andrew at 07434 691 809 or email andrew@removerr.co.uk.

Oil Tank Installation

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our oil tank replacement service.

Bunded Oil Tanks

A bunded heating oil tank has two layers: an inner tank for holding the oil and an outer tank that protects the inner tank and reduces the risk of leaks or spills.

Single Skin Tanks

In simple terms, a single skin tank has one skin that the oil is held within. They are generally the cheaper option and easier to install.

We can definitely replace your old single skin oil tank with a new one of the same type. This is a more budget-friendly option compared to installing a double bunded oil tank. If your current single skin tank has a suitable base that can support the new tank, it can be utilised for the replacement.

Single skin oil tanks

1100 litre single skin oil tank

If you have discovered that your oil tank is leaking call Andrew on 07434 691 809.

Decommissioned oil tanks are removed following the guidelines specified by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency (NIEA). A consignment number is assigned to each oil tank removal, which is then included on a prenotification form submitted to the NIEA. This form serves to notify the NIEA about the planned date for the oil tank removal.

Yes we can provide all the necessary paperwork required by affordable warmth scheme in Northern Ireland.

For more information on the Affordable Warmth Scheme

Tel.: 0800 111 44 55

Email: NIenergyadvice@nihe.gov.uk

Oil Tank Replacement

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Oil Tank Replacement Service Northern Ireland

What are the Steps in Replacing an Oil Tank?

  • Isolate the fuel line and drain oil from old oil tank into a holding tank that can be used to restore heating
  • Check current oil tank base is suitable for the new heating tank
  • Install a single skin or bunded tank to replace the old tank
  • Connect oil line up to new oil tank
  • Transfer heating oil from holding tank back into new oil tank
  • Bleed fuel line leading from oil tank to boiler
  • Dispose of old oil tank at a licensed waste facility for hazardous waste
  • For oil spills and leaking oil tanks, refer to domestic oil spills

Oil Tank Installation

To request further information use the contact form. Alternatively email us at: andrew@removerr.co.uk, or call: 07434 691 809

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