Removing an Asbestos Garage Roof Northern Ireland

Removing an Asbestos Garage Roof

Removing an asbestos garage roof in Northern Ireland. If you suspect your garage or shed has an asbestos roof, but are unsure? First check the construction of the roof, in most cases garages built before the year 2000 will have corrugated sheets (grey in colour) covering the roof.

Table of Contents

  1. Dangers Associated with Asbestos Removal
  2. Removing an Asbestos Garage Roof
  3. Asbestos Corrugated Roof Disposal
  4. Removing an Asbestos Garage Roof Locations

Corrugated roofing contains a mixture of cement and asbestos. The amount of asbestos in corrugated sheeting is usually about 10-15% asbestos. Below is an image of a typical corrugated roof, the sheets have channels that help with water removal.

Asbestos Corrugated Roof

Asbestos corrugated sheets

Dangers Associated with Asbestos Removal

Asbestos cement sheeting is extremely hard wearing and will last for decades, if you leave it alone it is perfectly safe. Asbestos only becomes dangerous when the fibres within the material (corrugated sheets) become airborne. This can easily happen when trying to remove an asbestos garage roof.

The material although hardwearing, is brittle and can break easily during removal releasing microscopic “fibrils” into the air. Asbestos inhalation can cause asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, a form of cancer.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal Northern Ireland

Removing an Asbestos Garage Roof

I do not recommend removing an asbestos roof without professional guidance. You should always seek the services of an experienced asbestos removal company.

Corrugated asbestos roof removal step by step guide

You will need, PPE (personal protective equipment) in the form of, a respirator for asbestos, disposable overalls, eye protection and gloves. Do not use a cheap dust mask as a respirator, asbestos fibres are smaller than a human hair and not visible to the human eye. Either a JSP force 8 mask with P3 filters or a JSP force 10 full face mask are good options.

1) Ensure all windows are closed, children and pets are inside. There should be no one on site during the asbestos removal unless they are wearing PPE.

2) Using a garden sprayer mix 4 parts PVA glue to water and spray the corrugated sheets. This will limit the release of fibres as the mixture of glue and water coats the sheets in a sticky residue.

3) Do not step directly onto the roof as this will risk breaking the corrugated sheets. Use a roof ladder of scaffolding plank to spread your weight across the rafters. Depending how the corrugated sheets have been attached, (pan screws, flange screws, corrugated nails) will determine how they are removed.

Roofing screws can be removed using an impact driver from the outside. Nails will need to be removed from the inside using a multi tool with a metal blade.

4) After the fixings have been carefully removed, place the corrugated sheets into a pile at the side of the garage, ready for disposal. The aim is to remove the asbestos sheets intact with as little damage as possible.

Asbestos Corrugated Roof Disposal

Disposing of asbestos is a little more complicated than normal waste. Asbestos is classed as a hazardous waste and there are strict guidelines in place by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency. All hazardous waste must be tracked, this is done by the use of consignment numbers and pre-notifications.

Each garage asbestos removal is assigned a unique consignment number. The number is added to the pre-notification form with the following details, your address, hazardous waste codes and approximate weight of the asbestos waste. The form is forwarded to the NIEA a minimum of 3 days prior to the removal and transportation of the asbestos.

All asbestos waste must be double wrapped in thick plastic before transportation. Hazardous labelling is required to identify the waste.

Asbestos Sheet Removal NI

Asbestos double wrapped in plastic

If you require the removal of asbestos garage roof, call Andrew on 07434 691 809 or email

Removing an Asbestos Garage Roof Locations

Antrim, Bangor, Belfast, Ballymena, Banbridge, Carrickfergus, Craigavon, Donaghadee, Dundonald, Dunmurry, Downpatrick, Holywood, Hillsborough, Larne, Lurgan, Londonderry, Magherafelt, Newtownards, Newtownabbey, Newcastle, Newry