Skips for Asbestos Northern Ireland

Skips For Asbestos

If you’re searching for skips for asbestos disposal, you’re in the right place. Asbestos has plagued homeowners for decades, a silent killer. Here at Removerr we have partnered with several hazardous waste companies across Northern Ireland to provide a complete solution to removing and disposing of asbestos materials.

Skip Hire For Asbestos

The process of disposing asbestos is relatively simple once it has been removed from the structure. Before the asbestos can be transported from your property it must be double wrapped in thick plastic. It is then transferred to an asbestos recycling waste facility.

For small amounts of asbestos the most affordable solution is to wrap the asbestos in plastic, then contact an independent asbestos contractor for disposal. What do I mean by a small amount? asbestos corrugated sheeting, pipe lagging, floor tiles, soil pipes.

As a general rule, any amount of asbestos weighing less than 250kg would be considered a small amount. Disposing of asbestos is expensive, hiring an asbestos skip would not be a cost effective method for disposing of small amounts.

Large amounts of asbestos, anything over several hundred kilograms, hiring an asbestos skip is the fastest, safest and cheapest option. Individually wrapping manageable bundles of asbestos in plastic is time consuming, costly and labour intensive. Hiring a large 10 tonne skip with a plastic liner is the simplest solution, depending on your circumstances.

Skips for Asbestos Belfast

Asbestos skip with plastic liner

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Licensed Asbestos Removal

The main advantage of having an asbestos skip on site is the convenience. Once the skip is in location it’s a simple matter of removing the asbestos and placing it directly into the skip. Another advantage is the size of the skip, large sections or complete corrugated sheets can be placed into the skip in one piece, minimising exposure to deadly asbestos fibres.

Once all the asbestos has been removed and placed into the skip. The last stage is to fold the plastic liner in from each corner covering the asbestos, then throughly tape to seal. Contact your asbestos skip contractor for collection.

Removerr is a licensed asbestos removal contractor covering Northern Ireland, popular locations include: North Down, Belfast, Lisburn, Newry, Londonderry. Contact Andrew on 07434 691 809 or email