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Water in your oil tank can cause damage to your heating system and result in your boiler not working properly. This problem can occur due to condensation or a crack in the tank, allowing water to enter. If you find that your boiler has suddenly stopped working, even if there is enough heating oil, it is likely that water has reached the boiler and caused the issue.

At Removerr, we offer various oil tank services, including the removal of water from your tank. If you are experiencing issues with your boiler or suspect that there may be water in your oil tank, please contact andrew@removerr.co.uk or call 07434 691 809.

Water in Heating Tank

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our oil tank services

The process for removing water from a storage tank is as follows.

  1. Test for the presence of oil using a water testing paste
  2. Turn of the supply of oil to the boiler
  3. Pump out the water and sludge from the tank into drums
  4. Bleed the fuel line to remove the water
  5. Replace the fuel filters
  6. Fit a new oil pump if required
  7. Test the heating system
water and sludge in oil tank

Water and sludge in tank

Damage to the oil pump can occur once the water reaches the boiler. The full extent of the damage can only be assessed on-site. If necessary, a new oil pump may be needed in order to fully restore your heating system.

If the reason for the water entering the tank is due to a crack or damage in the oil tank, then it is necessary to replace the tank. We provide both oil tank replacement and oil tank removal across Northern Ireland.

Water can build up in your heating oil tank through condensation. The difference in temperatures causes moisture to develop on the inner walls of the tank. Rainwater can enter your tank through:

  • A filler cap that is not fully closed or has been removed
  • Faulty seal that allows water to seep in
  • Cracks or splits in the tank, which can allow water to enter

Older single skin oil tanks are more at risk of water entering through the filler cap due to their poor design. Newer bunded oil tanks have screw caps and a protective lid that eliminates the possibility of the cap being blown off by the wind.

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Rain Water in Heating Tank

Removing water from oil tank Northern Ireland

There are multiple benefits to hiring a licensed oil tank service in Northern Ireland. Our services include water removal, oil tank replacement, oil spills, oil tank removal and leaking oil tanks.

If you are eligible for a grant under the affordable warmth scheme, we can provide all the necessary documentation required by the Housing Executive.

All waste generated during our services is transported to a licensed waste facility capable of processing hazardous materials. This ensures proper disposal in accordance with guidelines set by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency.

We understand that emergencies can occur at any time. That’s why we offer an out-of-hours service to assist you whenever you need it.

Call Andrew on 07434 691 809 or email andrew@removerr.co.uk.

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