Asbestos guttering and soil pipe removal Northern Ireland

Asbestos Guttering and Soil Pipe Removal

If your property was constructed prior to the 1980s, there is a high likelihood that the guttering and soil pipe may contain asbestos. Asbestos was officially prohibited for use in building materials in 1999. A significant number of asbestos removal projects in Northern Ireland are a result of renovation work being done to a property, which often includes replacing asbestos guttering and soil pipes with PVC.

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Asbestos soil pipe guttering removal Northern Ireland

Asbestos soil pipe disposal

How Dangerous is Asbestos Guttering and Soil Pipes?

Asbestos guttering and soil pipes are made by combining asbestos fibres with cement slurry, resulting in a durable and fire-resistant material that has proven to last for many years. Fortunately, the following asbestos products – including soil pipes, corrugated sheets, guttering, and cement boards – contain only 10-15% white asbestos (chrysotile) fibres in their construction.

These products pose a lower risk to human health compared to other asbestos-containing materials, which can consist of up to 100% asbestos. Examples of these more hazardous asbestos products include hot water pipe lagging, the insulation lining of stoves and old domestic heaters, spray-on ceiling treatments, vermiculite attic insulation, the backing of sheet vinyl floor tiles and linoleum floor covering, and boiler insulation.

Asbestos Guttering and Soil Pipe Removal

The cost of removing asbestos guttering or soil pipes varies depending on the amount of asbestos, location, and whether removal and disposal are required or just disposal. In some cases, a separate contractor, typically a builder, may have already removed the asbestos, and it only needs to be collected and disposed of at a licensed waste facility equipped to handle asbestos.

All asbestos must be double-wrapped in thick 1000-gauge plastic before transportation. A consignment number must be purchased from the NIEA (Northern Ireland Environmental Agency) and assigned to a prenotification that informs them of the type of asbestos and the intended date for removal.

Asbestos is classified as hazardous, so its movement is tracked to ensure safe disposal in line with the guidelines set out by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency. Prenotification must be submitted at least 3 days prior to any asbestos collection.

Asbestos Disposal Service NI

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Asbestos contractor Northern Ireland

Asbestos corrugated sheets, removal and disposal

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